Review on Daniel Garcia's "Torn!"

This is the kind of close-up magic that we love to review on Magic Trick Reviews. The restoration is SEAMLESS. You watch as the pieces freaking melt back together again.

The first time you see this trick performed, your reaction will be "No freaking way!" 

Someone selects a card, and after you fold the card, you have them sign or mark the card.

Right in their face, with the card in plain sight, you tear the card into four pieces, then proceed to restore the card on a piece-by-piece basis as they watch.  The card and the pieces are fully visable as you restore it.  Each piece seems to magically attach itself in some sort of fusion technique. For the conclusion, you hand them the restored card to examine.

The DVD for this trick is excellent.  Many DVDs are poorly produced, but Torn has been professionally filmed and edited. It offers an over the shoulder camera view both in slow motion and regular speed so you can see exactly how the trick is done.

"Daniel Garcia is the best! He provides an excellent job of instruction.  He shows you the set-up (which is minimal) and explains every step in understandable, easy to follow language and demonstration."

With a few hours practice even a beginner can perform this amazing card restoration smoothly.  There are no finger twisting sleights to perform, and all the moves are straight forward and easy to do.

The first time you watch the DVD, it will seem a little complicated, but after reviewing it a few times, the routine will become crystal clear.

Review on Daniel Garcia's New Trick "Fraud"!

"If someone told me that Daniel Garcia could turn lead into gold, I would believe them..."

Fraud (like the other two Daniel Garcia tricks that we reviewed - Torn and Greed), has an elegant simplicity to it. Fraud is easy to perform, but the effect is extremely powerful, giving the impression that REAL magic is the only way that the effect could be possible.

I loved Greed, but that was joined by Torn. Now, Fraud forces me to have three magic tricks occupying my favorite #1 slot.

Once you see the video on this magic trick, you'll understand.

Some slight is required, but can be easily mastered by almost anyone. There is also some preparation involved, but once you understand what is required and how to do it, you can easily prepare several bills ahead of time. The payoff is definitely worth your effort.

Like other Garcia DVDs, the instructions and camera angles cover every aspect of the magic trick.Instructions, as are the video and sound, are excellent.

Overall, the package has great production value.